Fluorine rubber sealing parts what are the characteristics and classification of fluoro rubber seals

Fluoro rubber resistant to inorganic acids and the temperature of its own, the more concentrated acid to lower the temperature. Fluorine rubber below 70 may be resistant to concentrated hydrochloric acid, 90 degrees below the temperature can also be at a concentration of 30% acid medium using Shaw. Appreciation of the specially-made of fluoro rubber seals can also be used in a chemical composition similar to aqua regia, in short, stealth properties of fluorine rubber had worked with the modulation. Fluoro rubber is so many seals can be used only in the case of high altitude in the seals. Excellent anti-aging properties of fluorine rubber anyway compared to fluorine rubber dingqing rubber's performance is its unique resistance to high temperature, corrosion-resistant properties. Dingqing rubber can do it almost not bad that he dingqing no media, such as phosphate ester fire-resistant hydraulic oil. Main automotive, aerospace, industrial, mechanical, environmental, electrical, medical, etc can be used.