Dust ring of common applications

Dust ring can be divided into lip-shaped dust ring, Kang combo the dust ring, zuokang combo the dust ring, lip-shaped dust ring can be divided into skeleton-lipped dust ring, no skeleton lip-shaped dust ring. ① skeleton lip-shaped dust ring: it is the use of skeleton hole and cavity interference fit achieved off prevention, dust ring lip flush with the end of the cylinder head, which makes lip damaged from external causes, usually used in engineering machinery, garbage trucks and other mobile lip can be easily damaged. ② No skeleton-lipped dust ring: it installs in front of the cylinder head closed Groove at design time, lips slightly protruding end of the cylinder head must be so easy to clear the lip out of the dirt, which is easy to install, the most widely used, is available from the General Industrial hydraulics, Mobile hydraulics and pneumatics. ③ Kang combo the dust ring (PTFE + rubber): it uses the elastic o-rings have been worn Teflon (PTFE) real-time lip wear compensation, together with the different materials after the o-rings can be used for high speed, high temperature working media and special occasions.