Concept of rubber

Rubber and rubber products in the course of processing, storage and use of, due to the combination of internal and external factors (such as oxygen, ozone, heat, metal ions, ionizing radiation, optical, mechanical, etc) results in decreased performance, finally lost their value, this phenomenon is known as the aging of rubber. Rubber aging of phenomenon variety, for example: rubber outlasted storage Shi will variable hard, variable crisp or sent stick; rubber film products (as raincoat, and poncho,) after rain Hou will color, variable crisp and rupture; in outdoor erection of wire, and cable, due to by atmosphere role will variable hard, rupture, and effect insulation sex; in warehouse store of or other products will occurred cracked; in laboratory in the of rubber tube will variable hard or sent stick,. In addition, some products will also be hydrolyzed and broken or mold damaged ... ... All of this is the aging of rubber.