Common seal damage

Common damage to common seals

One is hardening (aging)

The leakage of the seal is because the material itself is affected by the temperature hardening. When the hardness is too high, the seal can not be filled with the gap between the parts, it will leak;

Two is wear and tear.

The wear of the seal involves the surface finish of the mating parts, the speed of movement and the medium of transmission, etc. different sealing materials adapt to different speed of movement;

Three is extrusion.

When the seal over pressure will be squeezed into the metal clearance seal damage caused by leakage, which relates to a sealing metal hardness and the gap is too large, if in the design, selection, processing or installation of improper handling will appear extrusion damage;

Four is corrosion.

The present situation is that the seal is softened and even dissolved, because the seal is invaded by the medium and the material is made wrong. Special attention should be paid to media containing water or solvents.