Characteristics of sealing ring

1.sealing ring sealing performance is excellent, waterproof no leakage. The working life is high, and the working life of the dynamic pressure seal is 5 to 10 times higher than that of the conventional rubber sealing product, up to a few times, which can be equal to the life of the sealing matrix under certain conditions.

2.seal ring friction resistance is small, static and dynamic friction is equal, is the "0" rubber ring friction 1/2 1/4, can eliminate low speed and low pressure movement "crawl" phenomenon.

3.can be heated under high strength temperature, no deformation, do not produce harmful substances.

4.good resistance to tension, after a special test.

5. Long term use of unfading yellow.

6. Resistance to corona, arc resistance, high and low temperature resistance, good aging resistance, high temperature resistance, FDA and SGS standards.

7.good preservation effect, completely non-toxic and tasteless.

8.the sealing ring is high wear-resistant, and the sealing surface has the function of automatic elastic compensation after the wear surface is worn.

9.The self lubrication performance of the sealing ring is good. It can be used as oil free lubrication seal.

10. The sealing ring is simple in structure and easy to install.