Application scope and advantages of O-ring For Water Tap

O-ring For Water Tap has excellent heat resistance, cold resistance, ozone resistance, atmospheric aging resistance, and good electrical insulation performance. After relevant tests, the tensile strength and tear resistance of the formula can reach 1500psi and 88lbs respectively, with good elasticity and compression deflection, good resistance to neutral solvent, excellent heat resistance and cold resistance. But it is not omnipotent. In our daily life, we do not recommend to use it in most concentrated solvents, oil products, concentrated acids and diluted sodium hydroxide.            

So the O-ring For Water Tap is often used in the household electrical appliance industry, such as the rubber parts of electric kettle, electric iron and microwave oven. Seals or rubber parts in electronic industry, such as mobile phone keys, shock pads in DVD, seals in cable connectors, etc. Seals on all kinds of articles in contact with human body, such as water bottles, faucets, drinking fountains, etc.