Advantages of making O-rings from rubber materials

The O-ring is a convenient and extensive sealing device and the most popular product in sealing products. Its wide range of applications covers almost all mechanical equipment, especially in high-power machinery. The requirements for sealing are very high. Only high-quality O-rings can be realized. Therefore, in the industrial market demand for sealing equipment, O-type The circle has always been in a leading position, sometimes combined with a mechanical seal, and its sealing effect is optimized.

Mechanical seals are different from O-ring seals and are generally used in high-strength seals where the seal pressure is high. Rubber is a material with high strength and flexibility. Its main feature is that the modulus of elasticity is small and the expansion ratio is very large, which makes it able to adapt to high-strength pressure during sealing work, and it is well deformed. This pressure is buffered to increase the contact surface and enhance the sealing effect. At the same time, the corrosion resistance and gas permeability of the material enable the O-ring to maintain its own chemical and physical properties in the application, prolong the service life of the product, and at the same time facilitate installation and reduce production costs. In addition, even if the O-ring is damaged during use, it can be put into use again after proper repair, so the use cost is lower than other seal products.

Therefore, rubber is the main production material of O-rings, and it is a product with stable performance in integrated sealing work. The user can easily operate when using the O-ring. In addition, the chemical structure of the rubber material can be stabilized during production, and the chemical properties of the rubber material can be stabilized, and the physical properties are enhanced, so that the sealing effect of the O-ring is further improved. stable.